Hi my name is Michael "Agent" Norris. On a mission is to help more people take at least a couple vacations per year to different parts of the world as a new normal without worrying about researching trip.  Not just to your average vacation plans but to the places of your dreams. Yes I’m talking about that bucket list. Too many of us work so hard, get caught up with life’s challenges and forget to experience all of our travel dreams. So I decided to start planning retreats with the goal in mind to grow it like a family reunion similar to what have experienced with my partners. Create special memories and bonds that make you want to return to the next retreat with the strangers that became friends and friends that eventually become like family. I will also be attending these retreats as your host and planning multiple activity options for your to choose from. Most of the trip is fully customizable to fit your travel desires and flexible payment plans available to help make your dream vacation very possible to achieve.


Another bonus to help you experience your dream vacation I am offering a referring program that will help you be able to save money on these retreats and any travels you like to plan for yourself, earn extra income and residual income so taking at least a couple vacations per year can become a reality. I strive to help people live their dreams even outside of travel since the opportunity is so robust!


Whether your dreams is looking to buy a home, paying off your debt, spending more time with family/friends, opening up a business, etc. My team and I can help you get there.



Nothing can stop you but yourself. Give your dream a chance

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